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Common Carnaval article on BRANKOPOPOVICBLOG

Monday, February 15, 2016

'Carnaval' is one of the oldest of these traditions. The ritual that culminates in the days of the carnaval festival is built from a wide variety of events: Gatherings of people, in large or small numbers, even when 'Vastelaovend' (the Limburgian name for Carnaval) is still just a date on the calendar we look forward to. Creating costumes, building a float, playing music, having food and drinks. We do all of these things together, as a group.

The theme of the Maastrichtian Vastelaovend is to connect, through ‘Plezeer & Sjariteit’, through fun and charity.

‘Common Carnaval’ is a project by, for and with citizens of Maastricht, those born to the city as well as refugees and newcomers.

The refugees haven't just left their city, village or home. When they fled they had to leave the belongings, the moments, and the locations that shaped their every day life behind. They also left their shared rituals: the celebrations they shared with family, friends, neighborhoods, cities or even an entire country.