IT'S NIGHT NOW | ebby port


With this collection it felt like the doors of creativity opened. Most fabrics in the collection are silkscreen printed. The more you practise the better you become and the more options there are. The theme for the colletion is night and all the emotions you can experience during the night. The night is dark but can be enlightened by lights at a party. I experimented with puff ink, an ink that rizes up when heated and then gives a structure to the print. I also worked with a foil that can be ironed onto a silkscreen printed layer of glue. This shimmer remindes me of the sun reflected onto tiles and as a warm glow after a hot summer night. The silhouetts of the collection are like a canvas for the prints with here and there a nod to the waist line. For the collection Marsha Kessels made necklaces with a kind of amulets with silver and stone in the same color as the collection. The amulets and the collection where for sale at Le Marais Deux during the FASHIONCLASH weekend. (more info about this at publications) The photo's where made by Ruben on a deserted bowling ally where we could find the traces of different nights. PICTURES: Ruben Reehorst HAIR/MAKE-UP: Indy Klimczak.